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When I was a student I liked my classroom more than anything else it was a place where I can meet my friends some competitors and some special friends you know what I mean. I was very lucky that I had a beautiful classroom with the full circulation of air.i was very mischievous so I always used to sit on the last bench of my classroom. Mostly in class duration, I was eagerly waiting for class and it was my favorite place that I could sit and discuss something.

our Classroom was the nice one. It is made of brick and mortar. It is whitewashed. The ceiling of it is plain and white. The floor is cemented. The classroom is twenty feet long and sixteen feet, board. The breadth of the verandah is eight feet. My classroom is a part of the school building. It is situated at the right end of the school. There are two doors and four windows in my classroom. The planks are blue and varnished. There are nine iron railings in each window. Each window overlooks the school garden.

There were ten long benches for the students to sit on. There are ten long desks for them. There are a table and a chair for the teacher. There is a blackboard hung on the front wall. There is a class library. The class routine and the essay-chart are hung on the wall. The walls are decorated with photos and mottos.

I secure the fourth position in my class. I sit on the front bench at the right corner. I like my classroom because it was my favorite place in the school.

At a little distance from my classroom is the administrative block. It has spacious verandahs on two sides. It has two doors which ensure cross ventilation. There is also a large window in one of the walls.

In my classroom there are pictures of eminent persons, paintings, charts by students, maps etc. there is a low dais along one wall of the room. On the dais is a table and chair for the teacher. Behind the dais is blackboard for the teacher to write on with a chalk. The students sit facing the blackboard.


Obcourse my favorite place classroom is a place where individuals grow, develop, and explore their future interests establishing a positive classroom environment is necessary in order to have a successful class where students are respectful of themselves and others, having fun while learning and are safe and comfortable. These factors will help reduce the risk of conflicts and outbursts in the classroom.

In order to have a positive classroom environment as a teacher it will be necessary for me to do and know the following:

Gain the pupils trust and respect by giving them mines.

Lead by example and reward and complement the pupils.

Arrange the seating for efficiency and safety for both myself and the pupils.

Try and understands the pupils’ point of view and really listen to what they have to say.

Establishing rules and consequences for the classroom

Set and make clear to the pupils my expectations of them

Although I am not yet a teacher and I am not sure what my teaching style may be, what I can use is my style applied in my professional life. As such I would say I will more be a teacher who leads by example. I will act as a role model by demonstrating skills and processes and then as a coach/guide in helping students develop and apply these skills and knowledge in a fun and creative way.

Classroom Management is the backbone for making sure a class runs smoothly and make it favorite place while keeping everyone safe and allowing the pupils and the teacher to learn and rules play an important role. I believe setting rules and the consequences for breaking those rules play an important part to have a smooth functioning classroom; however, the rules and consequences must be clear, fair and made known to all pupils in the class. Having the children part take in setting the rules and consequences is one way of making the children feel important and included.

This is having the students sit in pairs. Pair seating arrangement is when the two student’s desks are together and spaced away from other pairs. This arrangement allows the teacher to walk around the classroom and monitor all the students. I would try to pair students heterogeneously as much as possible which would allow students to benefit from each other’s strengths. This arrangement allows the students to work together and independently. The students will be all facing me and the front of the classroom. It is easy to have the students see the instructional aides that could be used. (Pairs section, para.1)

Resources to be used include educational posters, motivational and congratulatory stickers, pens, pencils, markers, color pencils, crayons, bookmarks, computers, projectors, books, paints, certificates, straws, rewards chart, educational charts, paper, calk, chairs, tables, rulers, cupboards.

Below are pictures of some of the resources used:

Reading award bookmarks Bookmarks

This week’s star award certificates

Be kind poster, boyPoster.

I feel that this is an important tool for maintaining the favorite place, a well-managed classroom and as such the process will have to start before the school term commences.The rules will be conveyed to the parents and administration in two forms. Which is explained in details under the Time Line?

Some rules will be:

Be respectful to me as the teacher, to the child’s self, and to the other pupils.

No talking while others are talking

No running in class

Pupils must raise their hand and wait to be called on

Pay attention to me while I am teaching.

All homework must be done (preferred at home)

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