School days Memories

School days memories

School Days Memories

The days when I was so humble, kind, adventurous, crazy, loving, hating and fighting with colleges. Whenever I’m free or when I watching students, bags on their backs while teasing each other, running away from each other, funny activities with each other, fool newcomers. Really I miss my School Days.

Sometimes when I just boring tough activities and remind my school days memories, Really I miss it so much. Especially those memories which you have just been with some friends that you couldn’t forget. A famous quote “We don’t remember days, we remember words and moments” exactly the same thing happening with me. I just really remembering my memories of every second and enjoying it allot. When my friends remind me my fooled activities, I’m laughing too much on those days that was so beautiful. Love of friends, Teachers, games, competitions, propagating rumor’s about friends and in reality, there were noting truth and we were enjoying these things a lot just for teasing our friends. Celebrating birthdays, telling tales of families to each other. Playing games with each other and laughing the whole day with each other.

school days memories
The days you can just remind but can’t go back, the days you just lived but can’t live again the same, The friends you were just seen in past, will never seem them again. Weathers and environment you have felled, you will never feel them again in life the same, The love with each other was so pure, you will never feel the same. You can just remind and cry for those days but can’t reverse it again. This is life, we can live a happy life with beautiful memories. Rather than boring life memories. Unable to get back in those school activities but we can smile for those memories when nobody is there to company you.  How can I forget those days?



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